Senior Dog Diet
Low-fat dog food formulated to help maintain the health and vitality of older and less-active dogs.

Reduced calorie and fat levels help mature dogs maintain optimal weight as their metabolism slows and activity levels decrease and overweight dogs reduce the buildup of body fat and maintain leaner muscle mass.

Made with the highest quality sources of meats, grains and fats to aid in easy digestion and maximum nutrient absorption.

Healthy, non-GMO grains, including brown rice, oatmeal, and sorghum.

Natural antioxidants, including vitamin E and beta-carotene, support a strong immune system.

Healthy fiber from beet pulp, a moderately fermentable source of soluble and insoluble fiber, helps promote healthy gastrointestinal functions and more consistently solid stools.

Glucosamine and the Green- Lipped Sea Mussel (perna-canaliculus) naturally support proper joint and connective tissue health The Green-Lipped Sea mussel is also rich in amino acids, chelated minerals, and fatty acids.

Balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, including linoleic acid, nurture healthy skin and promote a vibrant coat.

To help ensure your dog’s nutritional safety, Best Breed pays a premium for EU-approved and U.S.-raised natural ingredients. Further, Best Breed only uses ethoxyquin-free sources of fish and hormone-free sources of chicken.

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